Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 123

Entry: one hundred twenty-three.

We're currently holed up in POS right now. Things somehow went south all of a sudden. I'm terrified right now, to be honest. I didn't expect it to be this bad.

Location: Unknown
Locus Signature: J133557
Classification: Wolf-Rayet, class two.
Nearest: J133557 II
Active W-Space Link: exit to Hi-Sec
Active W-Space Link: exit to a class four

Two months ago, I and a few others in corp decided that we wanted to move into a wormhole system. The riches of uncharted space vastly outweighed the potential dangers we had factored into the move. For the last week, we've scanned down every system within fifteen jumps to find a good wormhole system to occupy. We hadn't, however, until today.

The link from the wormhole system and Teonusude was dissipating when Adorol had discovered it. This was the only viable wormhole we had discovered in the entire week, so we jumped at the chance. Riddick piloted the Orca from Hek to Teonusude, Ranger Omega in tow with his Occator. Our link to this system had less than four hours of life before it vanished. It took almost an entire hour to get the Orca into Teonusude.

Everything went wrong once the Ranger onlined the tower.
A neutral entered system in a Buzzard, a covert ops probing vessel. This person wasted no time telling everyone in Teonusude that we were there. There was no way we could stop anyone from going in, with CONCORD rules preventing us from destroying anyone who would enter. This same pilot then vanished through the link, and we never saw her come out.

We were committed at this point. Anchoring and then onlining the Large Minmatar Tower we had scraped the funds together for had taken an over an hour, and unanchoring it would take another hour at the least. Our link wouldn't last that long. We safed up under the forcefield while Ranger went about anchoring and onlining other parts of the POS that we would need active.

Adorol had found the class four link and notified us that the occupants were active. Unsettled by this, Riddick and I had decided to disperse the link via multiple transits. The occupants were not happy.

Riddick was the first one destroyed. He had been entirely incautious and had left command in his Maelstrom to visit the mess, apparently feeling the need for a beer. Not at command, the enemies in two Tengus caught him on the class four side of the link and destroyed him.

Not at command, he was unable to notify me what happened. I jumped through and encountered the Tengus on the other side. Panicky, I wasn't able to do anything until thirty seconds had passed, at which point I approached the link and jumped through again.

I was followed. I attempted to warp out to the POS for safety, but the Tengu pilots caught my Hurricane. Shields were but a thin veil before the savage fury of their missiles, and my armor wasn't long for life after that either. With my fate written on the wall, I ejected, and at least got away in my pod.

Since then, those occupants have been terrorizing us at our POS. Hit and run tactics, attacking modules and warping away before they could be targeted. They'd been at it for an hour before they left. Ranger crawled out in his Occator to anchor and online a Warp Disruption Battery quite literally the solution to our problems.

Or rather, it would have been. Our neighbors hadn't actually left.
They decloaked and pointed Ranger, keeping him from warping out. He attempted to crawl back under the safety of the forcefield, but just a few thousand meters away from salvation they destroyed his ship. They wasted no time in catching his pod and crushing it.

Ranger woke up somewhere in hi-sec. I don't know how his transmissions can get to us, but they apparently can. Maybe through the hi-sec link...

Computer: terminate recording.