Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 276

Entry Date Two hundred seventy-six.

It's been a rough two days since my last kill, an Iteron Mark III I snuck in under a swarm of twenty mostly battlecruiser and cruiser sized ships. Since that I time, I managed to get blown up twice, in two different Hounds, and my corporation has taken down its W-Space POS.

On the first Hound loss, Unofficial Ghost and I were chasing a shuttle that had come into our space. Some new capsuleer had gotten lost I believe since he was asking if there was anyone in the system. Unable to probe him out, I found him using Dscan, but couldn't match his speed while cloaked. The pilot had enough sense to fly in any direction at full speed, so I had to decloak and attempted to overtake with an overloaded MWD. Of course, he saw me, and warped away close to planet VII. As it turned out from using directional scan, he had warped into a Sleeper site. I foolishly warped to zero on the Sleeper site. I arrived cloaked, warped right by his wreck without realizing I de-cloaked, and was summarily blown to hell by the Sleepers.

Ghost then warped to me to pod the new guy. Just as he exits warp in the sleeper site, he disconnects and his Crow went offline. He reconnected as quickly as possible, launched a few defender missiles while podding the enemy pilot, and managed to escape with his ship barely intact.

After that incident, I bought a new Hound, and fit it up. I moved into the Class 4 adjoining our system, and went afk while cloak orbiting another Class 4 entrance. I came back a few minutes later to see a Buzzard probably jump through. Like a fool, once I jump through, I orbit the hole at 2500m uncloaked. I saw a wormhole transit from the previous system and continued doing what I was doing. Thus, without fail, a Thorax de-cloaked, and I attacked while screaming like a little girl running away. He ripped my spine out of my ass, the hard way, with Hobogoblin II's.

Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to warp away, as opposed to trying to make a run for the wormhole. I made it back to my original system with nothing but my pride and my second Hound in pieces. I went out and bought another Hound, fitted it up, and declared myself unfit to fly a ship for the rest of the day.

Computer: Pause Recording

Computer: Resume Recording

The next day, I logged on to find that we were taking down the Tower because the corp has had it with running sites and the lack of PvP. By the time I logged on however, half the tower was dismantled and most of the ships had been shipped out to Hi-sec. Not everyone managed to get out either, so Moph and Aelith stayed behind to scan people a way out when the time comes, if it comes before these people get blown to hell by new occupants. I doubt that wormhole will stay unoccupied for very long.

So right now, we're looking for a Null space home, a Null space alliance. We have a tower, with a decent setup, and we don't want get smashed by Pandemic Legion at the outset. Hauling all of this through low security space will not be pleasant however. Ideally we'd want to jump it in, but I'd not want to do that and broadcast our location via cyno. We might end up using covert cynos, but still...

Computer: terminate recording.

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