Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 297

Entry: two hundred ninety-seven.

I scored another kill.

Lately the victim corp has been banding together, flying in packs, watching each other's backs...all good fleet tactics. But they've gotten a bit cocky just because we wouldn't walk into their trap the other day. They had some neutral buddies there to remote repair them while we shot at them, and we knew it. Three or four versus four with invulnerability doesn't work out well for us, so, no, we didn't engage.

So, because of that, at least two of them, Vistus and Dodd, have both gotten very cocky. Vistus has been trash talking us, and Dodd I'm pretty sure bought an older character to use against us.

Unfortunately for my comrades, they're a bit sketchy on taking on gangs of two or three.

I on the other hand flew in guns blazing. It's probably a mental defect. I guess throwing defeat into the jaws of victory a few times in wormhole space has given me an appreciation of taking on odds that don't appear to favor me.

So I jumped into Bereye from Mies. Vistus and Dodd were sitting on the gate. Let's pretend this is you. Do you:
one: attack the rifter
two: attack the caracal
three: burn for the gate and jump
four: run (ie warp out out)
five: sit there while your pal gets riddled with bullets

The answers for me were one and two, in that order. The answer for Vistus was five. I'll never understand why he sat there while Dodd got the living crap kicked out of him, even while I was trying to pod Dodd. He didn't engage at all until I attacked him.

The first engagement with Vistus didn't go. I was at range, and hitting with Barrage against his shields, which doesn't work out so well. Sure he got me into half armor, but it's not like I was worried. I warped out, repaired, came back, and repeated. He launched drones, I shot them down, warped out and repaired again, and came back. Clearly I did the same thing again. The last thing I wanted was to get into webbing range of him and become a sitting duck, so I kept at range, not knowing if he had a web or not. I warped out again, came back, and found Dodd now waiting for me in a Rupture.

I'm not a fool. Two cruisers versus Wolf equaled not this Wolf. I jumped out and went about my daily business while waving my kill in front of Riddick's face. Riddick had been on for a while, but had not felt like jumping into a group to fight them. He's had bad luck getting kills this week. Me stealing them isn't helping his case.

Looking back on that combat though, I should have bit the bullet and orbited at eleven kilometers and attacked with EMP rounds. It's technically in range for me, and he wasn't going any faster than I was. I could probably have ripped through his shields with ease if I had done that, and probably would have landed the podding on him as well, which, if I must say so, would be nice payback for the trash he's been spewing at us. Arrogance must be fought at every turn where it isn't deserved.

After that Rifter kill, I noticed something strange about an hour later when I engaged Dodd and someone else. Dodd was in another Rifter and someone else was in a Thorax.

Naturally, I attacked.

Dodd got away somehow almost into structure...I thought maybe I had just let him slip out of warp disruptor range. So I engaged the Thorax, and when he went into armor, he warped out too. This was despite my warp disruptor on him!

They were using warp core stabilizers. In case anyone has forgotten, they seriously screw up your ability to fight period. They cut your targeting range in half and your targeting speed in half. Probably something else too, they're that bad. So, clearly these guys are feeling the edge a bit in that they're stabilizing Rifters and Thoraxes.

Seriously, I may be in a Wolf, but I'm not suicidal. Attack me instead of sitting there like a doofus and maybe I won't get away, or at least won't get that kill next time.

Because I got the most kills for every war our corp had this week, I got fifteen million ISK in door prizes, five for each war. In the war against the Crimson Hellhounds, I scored the only two kills by destroying then podding The Garantine. In our war against Starhug, I scored the only two kills by destroying SkyDragon's Punisher and pod. In our war with the Black Merc's, I've scored the majority of kills, which would be seven. All in all, I've had a fairly decent week of combat .

And with that, our war with the Black Mercs draws to a close.

Computer: terminate recording.

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