Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 537

Entry: five hundred thirty-seven.

CI space has been insane the last few days. At the time of my last entry, our space was infested with AQUILA and BORG. One thing I did not record of importance in the previous entry was a BORG pilot in a Malediction warping into one of our towers, ejecting a Dominix, and destroying it. BORG are ex-ATLAS, so of course they knew our password.

Two and a half days ago, there was a RAZOR gang running around. Alliance formed up a fleet and smashed them at the 9CG6- gate in UYU-. The RAZOR gang attempted to kill me three or four times. 

This is probably because I was a tackle Rifter. I warped out each time I started taking damage. After repairing with the local armor repair module I had onboard, I returned to the fight, only to have to quickly warp out again. I did manage to hold down two Scimitars to be slaughtered however.

Two days ago, we had a POS defense operation in some system in Blood Raider territory. Computer: link killmail.

As a quick aside, the killboard that provided this mail labels me as an expert frigate pilot. I find this amusing as I am by no means that. I do know my role in the fleet, however, and do my best to fulfill that role while avoiding ship loss.

The mail said to formup at 22:00, that we'd leave at 22:15. I formed up on time, as did much of the fleet. As is always the case, there are stragglers that join late.

We sat in station for almost two hours. Rather suddenly, we burned a few systems to get on a Titan, and then bridged into the target system where a friendly cyno had been lit. The fleet jumped.

When we landed, we were being bombed. Immediately after bombing, the enemy fleet, an AHAC gang, warped in on top of us and proceeded to, essentially, annihilate our alpha fleet. Our guardians were destroyed first while the fleet tried to get inside of the POS. It took some time, but they were finally able to get in. The enemy then landed in the middle of the tower with the fleet.

The enemies were BORG, RAZOR, and Morsus Mihi. As the password was changed several times, it was made exceedingly clear that our alliance, while not rooted, was severely compromised. With our fleet crippled and huddling inside of a POS shield, command called for aid from Nulli Secunda. With their help the tower was barely saved, but we took crippling losses. The operation was a loss in every way except for the objective itself.

Yesterday, our space was teeming with hostiles. There were three separate gangs, combined totalling up to about one hundred twenty hostiles roaming our space. My alliance did manage to get some kills despite this, without being "whelped" as the terminology goes.

I, however, wasn't really feeling the desire to face yet another fifty man hostile gang, and just sat in station watching television. Eventually, I disconnected myself from the Neocom entirely and just watched television.

Perhaps today will be different. Half of my lack of desire to fly has to do with goals in skill training. I have a particular Republic Fleet Firetail I'd like to fly, but it will be some time before I can. It it my belief that this version of the Firetail will not only exceed the standard mold of Firetail, but completely reinvent how the ship is supposed to be flown.

Computer: terminate recording.

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