Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 683-1

Entry: six hundred eighty-three, supplemental one.

It's been a pretty slow day, and I spent the majority of my time awake actually active today. It was a rare and welcome change, right up until the end, where I warped down to the PR- gate in a Hurricane during a gatecamp fleet with bad intel.

Prior to my demise at the PR- gate, goons had brought yet another Rifter fleet down. While I wasn't wildly successful, I soon learned the reason why: apparently I'd become a main feature point of these frigate fleets into 1DH-, whether by name or not. To quote my contact: "Only newbs die to your bombs."
Apparently, after those first five or so bomb runs, people started to catch on when and where and under what circumstances I'd launch a bomb. It seems I'll need to expand my engagement envelope. I'll still be able to bomb on the undock and catch the newbs, but for the big hits I'll have to engage elsewhere, preferably on a gate that has a drag bubble.

A few hours after that I got to experience another death of fiery decompression.

DaBigRedBoat had been commanding an Alpha Fleet in the area. We'd seen him come to 1DH- once before and very few kills were to be had. They went to NOL-, did something in terms of grinding towers, and after being taunted, came back into 1DH- via the PR- gate.

This is where it went south. The scout in PR- failed to mention that an Alpha Fleet was on the way behind the few frigates that were being engaged. I had at first suspected this, but as the seconds passed, I began to wonder, and warped down. Mere seconds later the Alpha Fleet jumped in. My Hurricane crumpled, my pod soon after.

They don't make medicine strong enough for these headaches. Literally. The Med Bay faculty load me up with what they can, but the pain still knocks me out. I put in the order today for my sensory nerves to be destroyed throughout the bodies of all my current and future clones.

I got in the Purifier and taunted Goons a different way. I launched bombs at them at will. There was little chance to kill anything, but it was less about destroying them than pissing them off.

I warped to {station 231 -x}, then {10 undock bomb -x-y-z}. Aim, decloak, bomb, activate DCU and Invuln, warp off. Minimal shield damage. I warped to {station 231 -x}, then {10 undock bomb +x-y-z}. Aim, decloak, bomb, activate DCU and Invuln, warp off. Minimal shield damage. I warped to {station 210 +x+y}, then to {10 undock bomb +x++y-z}. Aim, decloak, bomb, activate DCU and invuln, warp off. Minimal shield damage. Goons were reported warping PR-. I warped to {pr- 280 -x}, then {40 pr-}. Fix alignment with A-E stargate, align A-E stargate, at thirty decloak, bomb, warp off, no shield damage.

Every bomb hit. One blew up a Rifter. At best I was completely annoying, at worst barely a consideration. My revenge was most assuredly not sated. I needed more bombers, but no one else has the patience to be part of a real bomber squad.

Maybe the majority of my alliance isn't interested in covert warfare, in subterfuge, in mind games, or most importantly, the big score. Nothing does things for your ego like taking out a swath of enemies with a single strike.

The one desire excellent bombing doesn't fulfill is instant gratification. That damn plague affects countless trillions, mortal and capsuleer alike. The unfortunate side effect of instant gratification is mediocrity, and mediocrity is a terrible fate.

I have to admit though, so is impotence. I'll not stand for it, and I WILL correct it.
Computer: terminate recording.

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