Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 118

Entry: one hundred eighteen.

I've been missioning pretty much straight for the last two weeks. It's all very unexciting. I needed the money though, and apparently an endless number of Damsels in Distress needed rescuing, so there it is.

I needed a break today. I made clear over corp comms that I was headed into Ebodold to kill something. The CEO decided to join me. I was already headed to the target system in a Rifter from Balginia. The CEO said he would meet me there in a Thrasher.

The trip was uneventful.

I landed, and Wolf landed shortly after me. We jumped in, and started bouncing around the belts, trying to find the Stabber on directional scan. After five minutes of bouncing around, he stopped bouncing and waited for us. We got a good idea of his location with d-scan, and made best speed.

We found him forty off. He approached, released his drone, and engaged Wolf. I microwarped at the Stabber, scrambling him while orbiting close with my microwarp on.

The adrenaline rush was intense. It was difficult for me to do much beyond the activate the guns and wait. True spray and pray style there.

It's hard to remember what happened. While I orbited, I unleashed the full fury of my autocannons, as did Wolf. Wolf's Thrasher was destroyed, and it was left to me to destroy the Stabber. My shields vaporized in an instant, my armor was taking a little longer to go as he hit structure. I overloaded, praying that that would do the trick.

I entered hull.

I prayed while I continued to orbit, spraying bullets.

The Stabber exploded, leaving me with approximately half of my structure. I was stunned, unable to move as TriggerTruls warped away in his pod, Wolf long gone and offgrid in his own pod. Eventually, meaning a few seconds later that really felt like an eternity later, I got enough of myself together to loot the Stabber wreck and exit Ebodold.

God, did that just happen? I'm still in shock, with a grin that won't come off my face.

After all the despair and failure I've experienced, I'm finally succeeding. It' amazing feeling. I'm no longer a loser, no longer a carebear, no longer a failure.

Computer: terminate recording.

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