Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 104

Entry: one hundred four.

Today I got my first killmail, followed shortly by my second killmail! It's difficult to express how excited I am, how proud I am, how lucky I feel!

Some of my corpmates and I have been planning to move our residence into w-space, not only for the ISK opportunities, but also the adventure, the possible combat opportunities, and in large part for a change in pace. In preparation for this move, we've been running wormhole ops once or twice a week depending on attendance. I discovered some time ago that Eystur regularly spawns an entrance into class one space, so I felt that checking it might be a good idea, just in case.

In my Probe I quickly located a wormhole signature, scanned it down, and warped to it. The transit was mildly unsettling, but quickly over with.

"Locus Signature: J152928
Sovereignty: Unkown
Constellation: Unknown
Region: Unknown
Security Status: 0.0"

The information flitted through my mind dutifully, as per every system change. Indicator lights showed that my ship was attempting to reach local but was unable to, a common occurrence as there are no Neocom beacons in w-space. Without further ado, I bookmarked the exit with the appropriate coordinates, and made a safe spot from which to scan the system. I noticed a cormorant wreck and a rifter wreck on directional scan, and two capsules floating somewhere in space as well. I wondered if perhaps I might find the wrecks and capsules.

Shortly after creating the safe spot, I deployed my combat probes and cloaked up, beginning my task in relative safety.

Within a few minutes, I had gotten the exact coordinates of the capsules. With trepidation, I engaged the warp sequence and slid through space to the coordinates, landing just shy by twenty kilometers.

Adrenaline spiked my system so hard that it was difficult to deploy the two hobgoblins I had onboard. I was shaking, almost violently, not out of fear, but plain bloodlust. An opportunity such as this had never presented itself, and there wasn't a chance in hell I was going to let it slip past.

Drones deployed, I engaged Tytaron's capsule, and destroyed it seconds later. I immediately deployed the drones to engage Lutschaer's capsule, and when his capsule had lost approximately half of its armor, Lutschaer warped off.

Frustration took hold. I recalled my drones, warped back to my safe spot, and began scanning for the pod again. I managed to find him, and warped to him again, at a different planet, and just as I landed, he warped away. Clearly he was still alive and kicking, although apparently trapped as he hadn't yet left system.

I couldn't be bothered with the situation. I warped back to the safe spot, scanned him down, and exited the wormhole. I switched into a Rifter, re-entered the wormhole, and warped to the last known location of his that I recorded.

I landed fairly close to him. Without thinking, I engaged the warp disruptor and held him down while the autocannons did their work. It didn't take long before his pod was broken enough to kill him, exposing his flesh to explosive decompression and space. Specks of red dented in the cockpit window, a mild revenge for his merciless slaughter.

It's taken nearly six months, but I've finally broken into the realm of those I've only previously dreamed about joining. I've become dangerous, a killer. This rush is so intoxicating, I don't know that I can ever go back to the life of a missioner.

Computer: terminate recording.

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