Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 76

Entry: seventy-six.

The pirate element of our corp asked for help again. They are trying to tame and claim a system known as Ebodold. It is quite literally a dead end backwater of a low-sec system. The only system connecting to it is a hi-sec system. I'm told that this system is not valuable because it is cordoned off low-sec, but rather because of staging capabilities related to capital class vessels, such as the one Sophias lost about a week ago in Otou.

Wolf, Vearde, Soph and I engaged another pirate corp, Bad Passion, off the station.

We primaried the Hyperion, Wolf jamming him out. The Myrmidon let loose drones on Wolf, and he screamed for someone to get the drones off of him as he didn't have any tank at all. I turned around, destroying drones as I set orbit around him.

Damage took the Hyperion down rather low in armor, and then it happened.

The Typhoon lit a cyno.

Two capitals jumped in on us. Deploying fighters and locking us, they also targeted and then repaired the Hyperion even under heavy fire. The Hyperion, Myrmidon, and Typhoon landed points on all of us, making sure we couldn't get away as the fighters tore us to shreds.

We lost a Falcon, Vagabond, Rokh, and my Rupture. They lost nothing.

While I admit to relishing the combat, I greatly dislike losing. In fact, I don't remember a time when we won.

I think I'm going to stop flying in combat with these guys. Quite honestly, we suck, and we don't win, and I'm pretty fucking dispirited at this shit.


I could deal with losing my ship if we actually won a goddamned battle. 

Computer: terminate recording.