Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 69

Entry: sixty-nine.

This is my first entry in just over a month. I've done almost nothing except mine and run missions. I've been mining with a corpmate I've recently become friends with named Ranger Omega. He's a pretty smart guy, interesting to talk with, and we make a good mining team. We're both using Retrievers, and for the moment it seems to do fine. In a given night of mining for a few hours we can pull about ten to fifteen million ISK each as a team.

Mining, however, doesn't make worthwhile memories. Neither does running repetitive missions.

Today, our corp was invited to join some pirates we are friends with. These pirates, they're part of our corporation as well, but geared completely towards combat whereas some of us, like Ranger and myself, are geared more towards just making ISK. Since the corp was mostly participating, we joined up as well.

The fleet formed up just outside of Otou. I admit, I was feeling fairly nervous, I still am. Low-sec has never been a place where I've succeeded, but I'm willing to keep plugging away at it until something clicks. Despite that, I picked up a Rupture I'd been able to purchase recently, mostly decently fitted.

We jumped in together as a fleet, and warped to a station. It was a strange Gallente station. We were sitting directly underneath the main body of it, the point which was called the undock. We waited there for someone to open fire on us for a while, maybe an hour, and no one did. JStar though, he played with us, toyed with us. He knew we wouldn't attack on a station. Eventually, this situation changed for the worse.

JStar warped to an asteroid belt. Vearde, feeling clever again, followed them and cloaked in his Vagabond. Being cloaked did not provide him safety, however, as the enemies at the belt approached the spot he landed, decloaking him and destroying his ship. He belatedly called for help, and after the Fleet Commander Wolf fleet warped us to the belt to save Vearde, he reported he was dead.
This was not our biggest problem however, as Sophias had the misfortune of being asleep at the command chair while we warped.

I arrived first. I was pointed by the Hurricane, and destroyed rather quickly before the rest of the fleet landed. I exited the system rather quickly in my pod and docked up in hi-sec, shaken.

Chatter over comms told me that our fleet was losing badly. An enemy guardian had warped in and repaired our enemies while we crumpled under their firepower. They had fewer numbers, but they had Logistics, easily overpowering us. Half way through the fight, Sophias woke up to find himself targeted, pinned, and unable to escape. We were fighting desperately to save his Carrier, worth well over a billion ISK.

I picked up the shards of my composure and reshipped into a Stabber, fitting the mid slots with ECM bursts in the hope of disrupting locks long enough to let Sophias escape. I reentered Otou, warped to the belt, and began firing ECM bursts. My firepower was non-existent though. I didn't last a full minute, losing my Stabber to enemy fleet. I exited Otou once more, being able to do nothing but sit back and listen as I remained docked in hi-sec.

We lost every ship. Every. Single. Ship.

This is fucking disgraceful.

Computer: terminate recording.