Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 31

Entry: thirty one.

I haven't been taking my previous losses well these last two weeks. I've only recently earned enough ISK to buy another Rupture, but I've been wary of using it.

Because of my last two deaths to frigate sized vessels, I've been scared to engage anything. I'm taking my first step out of the comfort zone today. I have a Thrasher fitted out.

I've done some research, and it seems that I knew nothing about how to properly fit out a ship. Looking back, I not only tried to do what is called dual-tanking, but I also tried to run both as active fits. The weapon slots were generally ok, although being tech one gear they were a far cry from being good. Using what I've learned, I've managed to fit out this Thrasher in a semi-respectable fashion, although the problem of tech one gear remains. I don't have the necessary skills use tech two gear yet though, so there's nothing I can do about it.

My destination is Hagilur, a zero point four system, low-sec. Let's see how it goes.

Computer: pause recording.


"Recording resumed."

My venture didn't go well, to say the least.

After venturing into Hagilur, I warped to an asteroid belt, attacking the pirates in the belt there. They weren't the capsuleer variety, so I was doing alright. Without warning, something called an Ishtar warped in on me and attacked.
I attempted to fight back, locking the Ishtar and afterburning towards him, but it was to no avail. He was at range, kept me farther away than my autocannons could hit him, and these little flying things called Hobogoblins attacked me, wrecking my ship. I tried to save myself by killing the drones, but my efforts didn't last long.

My ship exploded. Another loss. I warped my pod away into hi-sec asap and managed to prevent another migraine. Really, my fear of those is worse than my fear of losing my ship. I've also had to replace my implants every time I've been killed, a venture I don't enjoy doing. 

I had no idea that tech two ships existed, that drones existed, that there was another way of fighting instead of close range. I've learned something valuable, managed to save my life, and am now safe thanks to CONCORD. I'm still distressed at how impotent I seem to be in combat, but perhaps one day I'll be useful. I'm not entirely distraught though, as I've managed to glean some new vital information with this loss.

Still...that loss is going to take a few missions to recover from. Guess it's back to running missions.

Computer: terminate recording.

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