Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 552

Entry: five hundred fifty-two.

As it turns out, little has happened lately. I stayed logged out through most of the last few days except to read alliance mails.

As of four days ago, Cascade Imminent deployed to 9CG6-. Similar to the previous deployment, we are again at the same system, close to our space. Different to the previous deployment, our enemies are no longer former renters, but rather RAZOR, Morsus Mihi, BORG, and Brick Squad.

I believe I attended some alliance operations in the two days prior to taking to the short vacation. Our first dat of deployment, we along with ATLAS and triple A destroyed several SBUs and at least one TCU in NOL-, all belonging to either RAZOR or Morsus Mihi. 

While destroying these, the enemy made bombing runs that were executed rather poorly, causing little in the way of losses for our allied forces while costing them most of their bombers. At the end of the operation, we blobbed a Scimitar for laughs on our way back home.

Just an hour prior to that, Cascade Imminent took multiple jump bridges and multiple titan bridges to Detorid to aid some allied in cleaning out an SBU or two being placed by a hostile fleet. Despite outnumbering the hostile fleet, the allies we went to save cowered. 

We cleaned up their mess before returning to 9CG6- to resolve the aforementioned matters in Delve.

Today I officially came off my short vacation, which lasted two days, to return to duty. I was on standby, nothing really going on. There were some hostiles, but nothing worth bothering with as the hostiles were looking for ganks, not kills. I've better things to do with my time.

An invitation came out over alliance comms to bash a small POS in Efa. With nothing better to do, I joined up. Some hours later, between a total fleet size averaging eight or nine, we had destroyed the small tower and every anchored module, all small pulse laser batteries. Total kills for those who joined the assault numbered seventeen. I got two of the battery kills for myself. To put into perspective how long this took, I exhausted roughly two thousand torpedoes and fired constantly, breaking only for reloads.

While we bashed this tower, Archie formed a defense fleet against the RAZOR fleet that was roaming our space. I admit I wanted to go, but I was already committed to the tower, and I knew that there were fifty plus people in 9CG6- with nothing else to do.

Nearing completion on bashing the tower, someone who had left to join the defense came back and talked about what an utter waste of time the defense fleet was. Apparently, RAZOR had fielded a snipe battleship fleet, and constantly bounced around celestials. The defense fleet pursued, but never managed to catch the, and eventually gave up the chase after what I guess to be an hour, likely disbanding at that point.

I can't say I blame them. An hour of chasing people who don't want to fight, it's pretty disheartening.

In addition to today's destruction of a tower and sixteen batteries, I lost approximately two and a half points of security, strictly from attacking this tower. This somewhat bad news is offset by a monetary gain of nearly one hundred million ISK that has been funneled to me from my recruits Reschef and Anjali. It's nice to know that I get to make money for nothing other than giving them the chance to be immortal and live the lives they always wanted. Reschef wanted to watch the galaxy grow old, Anjali wanted to be a pirate.

The thing we all share in common, however, is to live a life of purpose.

Computer: terminate recording.

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