Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 564-1

Entry: five hundred sixty-four, supplemental one.

There was an emergency CTA called today for twenty-thirty hours. I was busy, and didn't make it back in time to join the fight. Computer: link battle report.

As you can see, at the time of this recording, there were one thousand one hundred seventeen friendlies and seven hundred forty-four hostiles. Lag in the system was soul-crushing as reported by corp mates. I'm both happy and sad that I missed the fight. I've no desire to experience another instance of Uemon, back when the Deklein Coalition made an attempt at helping the NC against the DRF. I am, however, very happy that the DRF lost that fight.
Having missed the CTA, I set about doing other things.

Not long after I clone jumped from Dantumi to 9CG6-H, calls came out over an intel channel that a neutral Munnin was pinned on the 3-F gate in I1Y-. I rushed over in a four hundred plated Rifter, as I have five of them, and took the bridge from 9CG6-H to 3-F. Upon arrival, I immediately warped to the I1Y- gate and jumped, having learned that the Munnin had aggression.

As I arrived in I1Y-, I realized the Munnin was gone. The Munnin was called as having warped to the bottom belt, so I warped at zero to it. Several seconds later, I landed on the Munnin and pointed and webbed it. I took quite a bit of damage while my microwarpdrive was still active, but once it deactivated and I settled into a five hundred meter orbit, I was safe from the four twenty-fives it was fitted with. A friendly Zealot and one other ship I didn't catch eliminated the Munnin with me. I came out of the fight with twenty-two percent armor remaining and made my way back to 9CG for repairs with some loot in the hold.

Feeling strung up on adrenaline, I and several others set up a gate camp on the Efa gate in 3-F. It wasn't long before snowman1, the poor pilot of the Munnin returned with friends. He was, apparently, not content to let us keep our space to ourselves, and wanted some revenge.

When we learned that they were fielding two Canes and two Drakes, we engaged. I microwarped towards the broadcasted Hurricane, webbed and scrammed him, and poured bullets into him as I set a close orbit. He wasn't hitting me once the microwarp went off, but his drones were chipping away at me. I aligned out at three quarters armor, and then activated my microwarpdrive. Just as I thought I was going to bite it, the neutral gang deaggressed, and I wasted no time warping to my bounce point some two hundred kilometers above the gate. I was in half structure, fire bleeding from my Rifter's left nacelle. I wasn't able to do much else at that point except be annoying to the remaining enemies by warping in and locking, but never aggressing.

The first ship to fall was snowman1's Hurricane. Second was the Hurricane piloted by Technotrope. The last ship to fall was Tsavoungla's Drake. The only pilot with any sense of them was wormy1, who burned far away from the gate, and when the final Drake was going down, warped out and then jumped back to Efa. The other three pilots were podded after being caught in warp disruption bubbles.

Feeling even more strung out on adrenaline, and with some more loot and scooped drones, I went back to 9CG for repairs yet again, then made my way out to Molea. I'd heard that the Sansha were launching an attack on capsuleers there, and I burned the eighteen jumps to get there. The Amarr didn't let up on their hatred of me, trying to pin me down as I jetted from gate to gate, calling me out in local and inviting everyone to have a shot at me. As I burned, details came in that the fight was taking place on the Galida gate.

I eventually arrived in Molea, and warped to the Galida gate. A mass of Sansha and capsuleers were battling it out: the podders with their emo-rage, the Sansha with their rhetoric, and both with every weapon possible.

I joined in.

I targeted the nearest Sansha vessels repeatedly, spraying explosive charges at them in the form of Fusion S as I orbited them with my microwarpdrive on. As it turns out, one twenty fives deal full damage even while orbiting at five hundred with the microwarp active. I made sure to continue this throughout the fight, as the Rifter is actually just barely cap stable with only the microwarpdrive active. I weaved in an out, sometimes deactivating the microwarp in lieu of a scram and web when the enemy was attempting escape. I kept them pinned down, and the flood of missiles finished them off.

After killing quite a few Sansha, the Sansha fleet primaried me. Damage started coming in, and my shields vanished without a trace. Armor was starting to melt. I veered away from my victim, away from the fleet, and burned away, trailing out molten armor in a widening spiral away from the Sansha until some minutes later they changed primaries due to their failure to lower my armor beyond eight-eight percent intact.

Free of most of the enemy fleet, I made for the violent wormhole. I had no idea if it would work, but I burned for it, setting orbit at five hundred and scramming, webbing, and shooting the hole. This attracted the attention of a few Sansha frigate and cruiser vessels, forcing me to change targets while the main fleet destroyed them.
And then, without warning ten minutes later, the Sansha vanished into the wormhole, taking the wormhole with them. Strung out and junked up on yet more adrenaline, and pure joy at how the day had turned out, I burned the eighteen jumps back to 9CG, not caring if the Imperial Navy was after me or not.

I took a break for a few hours.

When I came back, nothing much happened for a bit, and then a request for assistance came over intel for the OTKF- gate in 3-F. I switched out my hero Rifter for a Claw, undocked, and bridged to 3-F yet again, and warped to the OTKF- gate. I set orbit for one thousand, pre-heating my warp disruptor two and priming it for action.

I orbited for almost ten minutes as additional help slowly formed up on the OTKF- gate before the neutral jumped through in a Harbinger. He must have panicked when he saw us, because he didn't wait out his session change timer, and he didn't attempt a gatecrash, instead electing to attempt a warp out with my interceptor on the field. He most assuredly did not make it out in one piece. I bridged back to 9CG and docked.

I took another break, just messing around while keeping the intel channels open. No reason at all why I can't do something else if nothing is going on, and some hours later, intel came out for a neutral in 3-F. There was no visual on the pilot, but she seemed fairly young. I undocked in the Claw yet again and bridged to 3-F.

I warped and jumped OTKF-, the usual first jump out from 3-F. No sighting in local, so I re-approached and jumped. I warped to I1Y-, a typical second choice, and again no visual, so I re-approached and jumped. At this point, the only hope for catching the interloper was 9SBB-, a system I had recently learned had had the 3-F gate bubbled beyond insane. By the look of it, the bubbles reach out about seventy kilometers from the gate in all directions, possibly more. If she was still catchable, that would be the place.

I warped 9SBB- and jumped into the bubble field.

Sure enough, there was Darven Beast, logged out because her neocom wasn't registering in local, but still there, trapped in the bubble field. I pointed it, shot it, and it made like a tissue at a snot party. Her pod followed immediately after.

It's been one hell of a day, but it's been a great one.

Computer: terminate recording.