Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 565-1

Entry: five hundred sixty-five, supplemental one.

System: 8G-MQV
Region: Curse
Time: 02:09
FC: Agressively Stupid
Fleet Compostion: frigates

Hakawu: I've got a frig gang on the out gate...there's a drag bubble!...I'm landing...they've got me tackled, I'm going d...

Aggressively Stupid: Jump into 8G! Jump jump jump warp to Hak! Jump warp to Hak Jump warp to Hak!

Hakawu: They've got me tackled...I'm going down!

Aggressively Stupid: Can you get away?

Hakawu: No...I'm webbed and scrammed, come on guys, get here.

Grunt: Landing!

Hakawu: I'm into structure, I'm dead guys...

Aggressively Stupid: Get that Vengeance!

Grunt: Point!

Grunt: Point!

Grunt: Web!

Aggressively Stupid: Take him out guys!

*dictor bubble goes up, Vengeance explodes*

Grunt: Point on pod!

Aggressively Stupid: Kill the pod. Hak, did they get your pod?

Hakawu: No. I got away. I'm going to reship, looks like...two jumps out.

Aggressively Stupid: Fast tackle, get me a bouce!

Computer: terminate recording.