Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 553

Entry: five hundred fifty-three.

Archie logged on at twenty-three thirty yesterday and began forming us up. This was a non-critical station timer CTA, but we were going to show up. Since it was an ATLAS station being reinforced, we would know soon enough if RAZOR was coming to lay down another reinforcement on the station.

From: Archiebald Hornby
To: Cascade Imminent[FAIL]
Form up 9cg-
Have the following ready to roll
Shield Triage Carriers > AHACS > Guardians > Tackles
Shield Triage Carriers > Faildongs > Guardians > Tackles

As we formed up, he called for Faildongs. Once ready, we were to warp to the Titan and sit there until the bridge was up. Archie sent out a cyno pilot to the target system, A2-V27, and called for scouts in enemy systems to watch for formups. In addition to the subcap fleet, he called for carriers, both shield and armor triage.

Intel came across to us that the enemy subcap pilots were forming up into bombers. Archie changed the subcap fleet composition from alpha to AHAC and had us re-formup on the Titan. Previous experience showed us that RAZOR was horrible at executing bomber squadrons and that our AHAC fleet would decimate it.

I was flying tackle, a Claw to be specific, so I didn't bother. I've been getting fairly good at flying tackle for the fleets in the same way that I got really good at flying logi for alpha fleets: focused repetition.

Shortly after the fleet reformed on the Titan, we bridged into A2-V27. Upon landing, we warped to the station at zero. As I exited warp, I saw multiple RAZOR capitals at the station. Archie called for the fleet to engage, dictors to bubble, tackles to burn off at range.

As I burned around, I had the opportunity to witness the carnage about to ensue. We had brought approximately one hundred and fifty subcapital ships, mostly AHACs with high damage output, with a complement of guardians and tackle. 

Over the next thirty minutes, we burned every Dreadnought and Carrier fielded by RAZOR that we could point or bubble. RAZOR attempted to destroy us with bombing runs, but failed to eliminate a single one of us with bombs. They, in fact, were their own worst enemy, as they ended up bombing themselves and getting caught in our bubbles, sniped by AHACs, or tackled and killed. Immediately after bombing runs, I made it a point to fly into the midst of the slaughter and aggress some of the capitals in a flyby maneuver, not only to harass and taunt RAZOR, but also to whore on some of the capital killmails that were on our way via express shipping.

Near the end, with only a few RAZOR capitals left on the field, one jumped out. Archie immediately called for tacklers to point whatever capitals remained on the field, with an emphasis on the Thanatos far afield piloted by Miss Ohm. I maintained a focused point for a short time before she was bubbled. It was here that I made a mistake, and continued to hold a focused point on the Thanatos at close range. Miss Ohm neuted me, and still in the dictor bubble, I was unable to warp out or microwarp away as her Hammerheads beat me into dust.

I docked up to get a Reaper, and didn't quite make it back to the fight before her Thantos exploded, but I still got on the killmail, albeit in a Reaper as opposed to a Claw. 

All said, we took the field, destroying billions of RAZOR assets in exchange for four tackle ships. With nothing left to kill, we repped the station while destroying three of four  RAZOR SBUs. I left in the middle of the first SBU assault to return from 9cg with a Rifter.

Computer: link battle report.

After destroying the SBUs and having repaired the station, a spy reported to us that RAZOR command sent out an alliance mail congratulating the RAZOR fleet on a job well done with the stealth bombers and for holding their ground.

Poor bastards, I don't think any one that was involved in that conflict is under any illusion of RAZOR having done well at all.

Computer: terminate recording.