Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 572

Entry: five hundred seventy-two.

System: T-RPFU
Region: Providence
Sovereignty: White Noise

I'm in the middle of a Coalition operation, so I'll keep this quick. For the last few hours, we've been destroying White Noise and NCdot assets. After a major battle that started in HED-GP, bounced to SV5, and then finished in HED with NCdot and White Noise running for the protection of CONCORD's skirts in hi-sec space, we've been on a rampage.

We went to towers and incapped every mod as well as reinforcing those towers. We went to stations and completely disabled all services. If the enemy wants a foothold, they'll be grinding their lives for it. They get to repair services and modules every day. They don't get to refit, update clones, repair, anything until they've done so, and only then do the get the chance to fight us. Even if they win, we'll go back and repeat the process if we get a chance. Every time they fail to wipe us out, they'll suffer for it.

This is a war of attrition.

Computer: terminate recording.