Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 589

Entry: five hundred eighty-nine.
Last night Maka called for a pre-timer op at the GE-8JV station. Basically the job was to repair the station before the DRF showed up. The op started thirty minutes before the station was to come out of reinforced mode.

Not long into the repair operation, the DRF dropped fifteen caps, consisting of titans and supers. The repair operation was obviously cancelled. At some point, the cap fleet jumped out.

An hour later, the full CTA fleet of about one hundred sixty for the -A- team had formed up on the titan and bridged into GE-.  Our immediate target was the DRF SBU, but when someone called out that there was a neutral hound at the station lighting a cyno, Maka ordered us to that cyno at zero and to open up on the NCdot forces that had bridged in.

It seemed that NCdot actually wanted a fight. No capitals of theirs had bridged in, just their subcapital fleet.

With our at zero warp-in on the enemy fleet, our Hellgeddon fleet seemed to be destroying the enemy arty Abaddon fleet. As a Logistics, I got the sense that we were doing ok in keeping the Geddons alive.

With that, Raiden dropped supers, and according to Maka, NCdot was not happy. Maka ordered us to withdraw. Those in fleet foolish and greedy enough to fit sensor boosters instead of cap boosters and microwarpdrives were destroyed as the fleet burned out of the bubbles.

Unable to fight supers, the -A- team withdrew from the field, the DRF putting the station in GE-8JV into reinforcement. I'm not clear if it was shield reinforce or armor reinforce, but I've been hearing that the next timer in GE-8JV for the station is the final one in two days.

Unless things change, GE-8JV is gone.
Computer: terminate recording.