Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 584

Entry: five hundred eighty-four.

Shortly after the DRF receeded from GE-8JV, redeployment orders were given. Against All Authorities and Cascade Imminent were to redeploy to LGK-, five jumps from GE-8JV. LGK- is Sansha controlled space in Stain. Shortly after that, Cascade was given new redeployment orders to P-Z, two jumps from 9CG6-H.

From the standpoint of a grunt sub-capital pilot, this move by Against All Authorities is signalling the end of real resistance against the DRF. At the same time, the move by Cascade is signalling the end of aiding -A-, changing strategies to support Morsus, RAZOR, and Brick.

As I lack leadership roles, or the ability to use capitals, I can't provide those standpoints.

-A- claims that it will keep up the pressure, that it will continue the war, but I myself find this a little skeptical since the staging system chosen by -A- leadership has no cloning services. On the other hand, I find this believable, as Morsus and RAZOR continue to exist, and will soon be fighting the DRF the way things are going. To further support my belief that they will continue the fight, if -A- doesn't get it's space back, they'll have no renters to fund the combat they want to engage in.

It's a confusing situation, time will tell the truth of the matter soon enough I suppose. I just wonder what is in store for Cascade at this point however, as it's been discussed that we ourselves might need to pull back to Stain to reclaim our space.

Computer: terminate recording.

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