Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Backlog: Day -1

Entry: Backlog minus one.

My capsuleer status is still in limbo. This is, however, the last day that it can remain so.

For nearly two weeks, I've been able to simulate what life as a capsuleer is like. My real body is floating somewhere in a medical tank filled with liquid air, liquid food being run into my body via IV. In exchange, while I'm conscious of being here in this tube, it's a background sensation while I transmit and receive signals from a robot that, for all intents and purposes, is me.

In the beginning, I had no idea what was going on. Immediately after being linked in I was floating in space in a starship I had never seen before. It was, as I later came to learn, a Reaper: the lowest of Minmatar frigates. As I later learned, it paled in comparison to every other ship I bought and flew, but on that day, it was quite literally the best I could do. I manage to struggle through the interface and destroy the approaching hostiles: scrappers. They were coming to dismantle my ship and reprocess it for minerals for ISK. It's only now that I realize how low they are on the food chain in space.

After my brush with death and confusion, I made my way to only station in Ammold, and made contact with the lone agent out there. I completed a series of missions meant to test my mettle, and after passing, she passed me on to the Republic Military School's main training agents in Huadagago. I spent approximately a week completing the training courses offered by them.

For the last week I've been running missions for a company in the system next door, Eystur. I was still pretty timid, but needed some new agents to provide some income. I found some guy that worked for Quafe, and ran missions for him for a while. I'm still running missions for him, honestly. The standings are taking a while to get high enough for me to access a level two agent.

The missions have expanded my knowledge a bit. I fly a Thrasher now, a destroyer class vessel, eons ahead in capability of the first Reaper I flew. I've managed to cobble together maybe a million ISK in liquid right now, maybe another million in all the other junk I've collected.

I've been assured that, should I decide to not become a capsuleer right now, what I've acquired will remain mine until such a time as I die or choose immortality. I'm feeling like I'll be taking the plunge to the life of a capsuleer, however. I don't want this experience to end. Not yet.

There's so much to learn.

Computer: terminate recording.

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