Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2-1

Entry: two, supplemental log one.

The Representative laid out his plans for me. I wasn't pleased. I did not, however, see a way out. That changed earlier today, after meeting with the Representative.

I was contacted by another capsuleer, one of the first in my brief existence as a a pod pilot. We talked briefly, and his intent became clear: he was looking to recruit me into his corporation.

He made it plain that were I to accept, I would not join the corp proper, but rather a recruiting corp for the head organization. After a time, and the ability to pilot certain vessels, I would be allowed into the main corp should I choose to join.

I suppose I don't have many options at my feet right now. As it stands, I am only allowed free rein in that I can stay in Minmatar space, and fairly soon, join the militia as yet another warm body on the front lines against the Amarr. This could offer me a way out.

I've heard through bits of overhead conversation that capsuleer corporations have technology that rivals National governments. Perhaps they have the tools to save me from this predicament. If such is the case, I'll probably join up with them.

This programmed-bomb in my head is not a pleasant thing to have on my shoulders.

Computer: terminate recording.

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