Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 12

Entry: twelve.

I've been reluctant to admit this, but ten days ago, I lost my first ship at the hands of pirates.

At the time, which was my first real day as a capsuleer, I had the idea that I would harvest gas clouds for ISK. I remotely purchased a gas cloud harvester, and set the autopilot for Dal, where the purchase was to be made. While the autopilot handled the trip, I handled watching the television.

Some time later, I arrived in Amamake. I really had no idea what happened, finding myself back in the system I started in, Huadagago. I've learned, only recently, that I had been caught by what is called a gatecamp. Apparently, pirates sit at the hi-sec to low-sec gates on the low-sec side, and prey on people silly enough or naive enough to go through. So, not only did I lose my Stabber, which I had worked so hard to earn the ISK up for, but I also got podded.

The headache was excrutiating. Only after it passed did I have an inkling what happened, but I was still in shock, unable to register what happened. These days since then I've mostly blocked out the experience. Today it all came rushing back.

I had recently acquired a Rupture. I knew, at this point at least, that low-sec was dangerous, but seeking ISK, I ventured in anyways. With my tech 1 fitted Rupture, I warped to an asteroid belt, and engaged an Angel Battleship. Evading the battleship was simple, though killing it was taking some time. Evading the pirate piloting the Wolf that warped in on me was impossible.

Shock had once again set in. I saw him on the overview, I saw him warp in, I noticed I was taking a lot of damage rather quickly. I was in so much shock I didn't have the presence of mind to disengage the battleship and engage the Wolf.

I woke up not even a minute later back in Huadagago, another excrutiating headache. I couldn't understand what was going on. I KNEW I lost my ship, I KNEW I lost my capsule, but I couldn't register it.

It's taken some time today, simply dwelling on it, before I understood.

I'd lost yet another cruiser to pirates, again in low-sec. All the ISK I'd earned had to be put towards a replacement, draining me of most of my hard earned ISK over the last ten days. Only in hi-sec did I seem to be safe from other capsuleers, and in low-sec I was something akin to a donut to a fat man: irresistible and not long for the world.

I think the lesson is simple, if difficult to grasp at first: everyone is out to get you.

Computer: terminate recording.

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