Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2

Entry: two.

Yesterday I made the decision to become a capsuleer. I admit, the change, as incomprehensible as it was, was terrifying. I had no idea what was going on, much less why. Perhaps here I can recount what happened and make sense of it all.

After telling the representative from the Republic Military School that I would take the plunge, he turned and walked away. It seemed clear from his attitude that I follow, so I stayed a few steps behind him.

We made a quick route through the station to the cloning facilities. Perhaps we had already been close by the facilities when we met at the dock. I felt disoriented though, unable to tell left from right, and eventually up from down, or even up from sideways. Apparently, gravity generation on space stations is a tricky thing, sometimes just because the designer has a sense of humor.

When we arrived the Facility, I was told to lie down. I did I was asked, and the technician came over to my side, flicking my arm so that he could find a good vein.

"This will all be over before you know it, sir," he said to me. It sounded as though he was perhaps a bit bored. I wondered how often he did this sort of job, making me wonder how many capsuleers existed.

There was a small prick, a slightly unpleasant sensation, and then I went to sleep.

I woke up in excruciating pain. My eyes flared open as far as they could go as I reeled from the pain. My arms jerked involuntarily to grab my head, only to hit a plastic wall of some sort. I writhed, dimly noting the tubes and wires attached to me in this vat of liquid, and then the pain ceased almost immediately. Seconds later, my vision changed as the liquid drained. Everything was returning to normal.

As the last of the liquid drained away, the wall around me split apart, and I fell out. I struggled to get myself back on my, and after a minute or two, I managed to do that, ripping out the wires and tubes that were attached all over my body. The sensation of doing so was...unsettling...

"Welcome to immortailty," the representative said to me, a smile on his face but cold calculation in his eyes.

Computer: terminate recording.

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